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Taylor is using his speed more creatively and is learning to read the defenses a lot earlier than when he was a rookie, Taylor knows he doesnt need to challenge the o-zone at full speed wide every possesion, he is aware that he can use his lateral speed to beat the d-men in ways new to him.

I really see his points as being a result of his new awareness of the transition game, he and the other young Oilers are learning how to win the game one zone transition at a time and as a result they are learning to play with the gears as they go through each zone, how to undulate the pace of the possesions to look for weaknesses in the defenses in calculated micro-attacks.

As we see better zone transitions which focus on a balanced line approach east/west our tactics will push defenses back a few feet and we will gain easier o-zone entrys, we freeze the d-mans decision making when we exit the neutral zone at 75% speed with lateral numbers and good timing, no defenseman is dumb enough to let Taylor Hall catch him flatfooted with an extra gear to drop as he hits the blueline so they choose to play it safe and drop back early-- and Hall is forcing them to allow him to be a playmaker with this zone entry tactic which highlights his speed as a brandished threat more than an actual engagment, Taylor is developing Gagner tactics and they are working well for him. Taylor looked murderous gaining the o-zone with pass in mind at 3/4 speed just itching to kick it open, once he gets the d-men to freeze from the neutral zone he owns them completely, funny Hemsky never learned to use this tactic because it would be an excellent way to use Yakupov and Gagners skillsets.

Taylor has surprised me at how fast he is learning to adjust his game in an upwards evolution, he is not stubborn, if he sees someone else having sucess he is willing to change his focus and tactics on a dime, and this is making him a much better player, he is blessed with Mark Messiers learning stlye, hands on.

I still see Sam Gagner and RNH fighting for the points lead in ten more games as our 5 on 5 game develops, for us to have 5 on 5 sucess we will need to make adjustments which will support both Sam and Ryan who are creative players, Taylors offensive sucess 5 on 5 is catalysed off of RNH, this is our challenge right now, to focus on a controlled 3 transition style which is exactly where Gagner and Hall are catalysing their offense from. Gagner is managing to work within system parameters to do this and Taylor needs to wait till he is on the PP to break from his system perspective enough to make the same transitions work. When we decide to allow our team to use this controlled 3 transition style for 60 mins we will become a dominant team for those 60 mins. Taylor generates terminal offense because he isnt dumping the puck in deep at the last second as he is entering the o-zone as everyone is doing 5 on 5, he is carrying it in and properly using his zone transitions--- Kudos to Gags and Hall and hopefully soon the yoke is taken off Nuge as well and we can see him light it up. .

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