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01-30-2013, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Kopistar View Post
I went to TEAMLA today at 12 to get another ring (I used my friends seats and he demanded the ring since it was his seat). They were really busy setting up all the lakers merch around the store (They now put up the hosting teams merch for every home game instead of sections of the store for each team).

There were a few others there buying multiple rings.

I asked them how many they had left and they looked behind the register and they had 2 boxes (100 each was marked on the box). One box was opened and they were grabbings rings from that box, so around 12 there were roughly 150 ish rings in the store. I THEN asked if and when they would be getting any more and they told me that those 2 boxes were the last 2 boxes and that once they were gone, they were gone.

A fellow LGKer updated the site at 520 today saying that he called his ticket rep and they said they were sold out. I can't verify this but really, why would his rep lie.

Good luck to all who venture to TEAMLA tomorrow, but it looks like Ebay is your only option.

Unless they decide to make more.
good thing i got there at 11 and got 2 of them. drove up from Lake Forest cuz O'Neil had mentioned that they were only available while supplies last. I saw the few boxes they had off to the side of the checkout counter and wondered if thats all they were gonna have. they might not be exact replicas but still pretty sweet.

I posted a picture of it on facebook and my sister(ducks fan) started going off on how stupid it was that they gave out rings to fans. i asked why she thought it was stupid but never got a response. obviously jealous since the Ducks didnt make rings for their 782 fans when they won the cup. now whenever i goto her house im gonna wear it just to troll her

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