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01-30-2013, 09:39 AM
It's finally over
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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
If Jamison is still short, I wouldn't be surprised if Jamison expresses his interest in continuing to pursue this, and Bettman lending him support, provided that the COG extends the deadline.
The NHL dug Greg Jamison up and asked him to do this. They know what he is about, his resources and his investors. They have been constantly appraised of the situation for almost a year now. There is absolutely zero logical reason or excuse for someone (with the means) to not close on this deal. I'm guessing that they never expected to get $300 million out of the council, and have quite possibly been scrambling to actually attempt this deal. But that still doesn't provide an excuse to not close. GJ, after all is said and done, is an ally of the league. It is not beyond them to stage a charade in order to prevent further losses. The parties involved stand to lose very little. An ideological last stand by the council to kill the deal on the table provides an oh so convenient out for the league. "We were close, but the city decided its own fate."

I take solace in the deadline. He doesn't close, it's over. Unless, out of nowhere, the council grants an extension of the existing deal. Even then, it's no sure sign that GJ is a serious buyer or that the league has any intention of closing this deal. Lebrun is right that it won't spell the immediate end. We will get endless lipservice about 'ongoing negotiations' but we know what that means. We are at the endgame. Thank god.

Originally Posted by wwwhowlinhockeycom View Post
Wont happen. The incoming council are like a pack of dogs who wanted the vote to wait so they could kill it. They dont care about the Coyotes.
I thought this was signed, sealed and delivered on your end? You don't get to play both sides of the fence.

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