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01-30-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by panner20 View Post
Haven't had achance to read the entire thread... but people think I have a pretty good slap shot, and if I was giving advice the one thing I would mention is "CONFIDENCE". You need to have a confidence or belief when winding up and taking a a big slap shot. I know it sounds a little wishy-washy... but I strongly think you need a to believe in your ability. I see too many people that don't bring enough "violence" to the slap shot. Don't be tentative, f*/cking (((BLAST))) that thing with everything you got!! Good Luck!!!
To sort of elaborate on your point.

1. People are afraid of being too hard on their stick. Don't be. They're made to take these kind of punishments.
2. Confidence roots from practice. So practice, if my point wasn't obvious enough.

Some other advices.

Like others have mentioned, you can try grabbing a bit lower with your bottom hand and taking half swings.

Try digging around on Youtube, there's quite a few useful tutorials on there.

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