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01-30-2013, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by RussianRangersFan View Post
I disagree with speed. Honestly, how often recently have we seen Gaborik use his speed to score a goal? In his first season here, that was a common occurrence, but not as much now.

Most of the goals that Gaborik has been scoring for this season and last are based on his intelligence. He's been scoring a lot of goals right below the hash marks, tips, deflections. Lots and lots of garbage goals.

Look at the breakaway OT goal on Rask. He didn't snipe it past Rask, he made an amazing second effort to bat it out of the air.

I really can't remember the last time Gaborik flat out BLASTED a wrist shot past an opposing goal tender. But Gaborik is smart enough to overcome his waining physical attributes because he is sneaky and smart.

I don't expect 40 goal pace after his contract ends, but I think 30 is reasonable. Also, he is a proficient passer. He will usually have 30-40 assists a season.

Edit: I think Gaborik is realizing how his speed is starting to slow deteriorate, I think that's why we only see a few quick bursts from him a game. He wants to preserve his legs and his quick burst.

Edit 2: What Levitate said too.
Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Actually I kind of disagree. Gaborik has long had the reputation as a guy who scores all his goals with his speed and his great shot, but if you go through and look at a lot of his goals, he scores a very large portion of them from being in front of the net and banging in rebounds, deflections, etc. He is amazingly adept as a garbage goal collector, and I think that's one reason why he's still an effective goal scorer at an age where a lot of them start falling off a big

I think Gaborik's two best qualities are being able to find open space near the net and the willingness to go into those areas, and that will keep him pretty effective as a goal scorer for awhile
I hear your points. I may have over-simplified when I said "shot and speed". His game around the net is very good in the sense that he reads the play well and knows when to be opportunistic. But it also relies on quickly accelerating into an opening as much as it does reading the play. Will he still be able to dart into those spaces?

The breakaway goal on Rask is actually exactly what I think we won't be seeing in a few years. He made a great read at the blueline (which he will still be able to do), but his first few steps absolutely torched the B's defensemen. I could see it coming to a point where he ends up getting caught from behind in that scenario.

I'm not saying he will be worthless, but will he be worth the money he gets on his next deal? That is ultimately the question. It comes down to what other options present themselves as well.

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