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01-30-2013, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Proust View Post
He can be himself and ignore the haters, but he will have to accept the fact that, as a result, his performance on this ice will be magnified and amplified. If he's confident enough in his own game, he can go this route, however, there is more risk of pissing of fans, management and teamates if his game suffers. Other players would be able to hide their suffering game from the spotlight a little bit better.
I think this is the player we have. Really, all the stuff being said now is whispers, and there isn't much concrete beyond the practice fights. What is real is his long-standing commitment to the Montreal and charitable communities (his summer work in Haiti), and who cares if he's a little chatty on the ice or a character in the locker room?

PK didn't call attention to it, the national media left it alone because good news doesn't pull clicks, but this seems like the real PK to me, especially given his familial context. With time, and more importantly, with him around in the locker room (rather than the abstract straw man the agenda-driven media has built), we will have to deal with the real PK, which is to me, the one that person at the hospital wrote in about.

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