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01-30-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by MarkhamNHL View Post
Because there is no guarantee of getting a team.. If the NHL said we want to put another team in Toronto, there would probably be a few cities competing to get an arena built, then it's a no brainier....
I sense some doubt about believing what Paul Kelly has to say.
I have to say, I have some doubts as well, and the fact that there are hitches with getting an arena built in Markham seems to support such doubts.

Originally Posted by XX View Post
You think QC is building an arena for ***** and giggles? They have a promise in pocket. Either the Coyotes, or an expansion team. That's how the NHL does business. Having 'concerned citizens' torpedo a nice arena isn't going to make the league jump for joy when discussing expanding Toronto. It just makes them leery, and likely puts Toronto 2 behind Seattle.
Quebec City getting a team is one thing, the Toronto area getting a 2nd team is quite another.

Not saying it isn't going to happen, but... uncertainty about it would certainly explain the hold up in getting the construction of a new arena approved and started.

Originally Posted by 2525 View Post
They're not opposed to the arena. They're opposed to the funding arrangement.
Even though I would love to see a second team (or a third) I agree NO taxpayer money should be used to build an arena.

Now that they've voted to continue the process I hope protections are in place to protect taxpayer investments.

My personal opinion....a team in Markham would be a gold mine.
Makes sense. Why any amount of public funding for an arena in which an NHL would probably make its owners tons of money?

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