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01-30-2013, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
I agree Matt Leibl really grows on favorite young personality on radio and that's coming from a non baseball guy. his sense of humor is excellant, he is razor sharp and the perfect foil for dumb and dumber . without him the show would be really hard to listen to but with him it is entertaining.
I agree. Personally i like the morning show, and Leibl is probably my favorite on air personality. I think he has a very bright broadcasting career ahead of him. HNL (as long as lawless isn't interviewing anyone...eegads he could sure take a few pages out of Strombo's book) and RRT....though sometimes i get a little frustrated at the amount of "other" sports coverage on HnL (Hockey is literally the only sport i pay attention to).

Had a 40 minute commute home the other day, and the only hockey news i heard was in the little "sports center update". I'll be happy as a clam next week when the superbowel's done.

Anyways, i'm generally a big fan of the station. Morning show is my favorite segment, and i really wouldn't mind HnL sbecoming Hustler and Leibl

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