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01-30-2013, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
i doubt that very much. a suburban arena would have a very dramatic impact on the ACC's monopoly on big ticket events/tours. the ACC is now 14 years old and is no longer a state of the art arena. mlse is not worried about hockey ticket sales, they are (still) worried about a competing venue. the markham motoroladome is their worst nightmare, hence the likely demand for a massive indemnification fee, as well as complete broadcast rights for any new nhl team that might eventually find itself north of the 401.

i can easily see the big tour promoters choosing the markham motoroladome over the acc, if only for it being an easier in-out. acc ain't that special anymore.
I don't know. If that is true, Markham should go and build an arena, NHL or not. Because, if they don't get NHL they will have everysingle Saturday night open, while Leafs, playing at home will not be able to do it.

My point is, we would like to have the NHL, but the arena is needed without it anyway because all the big names stop at Centre Bell because the next stop is not good enough for them, in 2 and half years, they will be stopping in Quebec aswell because they will have a modern arena.

If Markham builds an arena without NHL they can bring in huge profits and not pay a dime in indemnification fees to MLSE.

Originally Posted by superdeluxe View Post
If the thought that Canadian franchises would be more likely to be enthusiastic about paying expansion fees than American cities, then I can I see Seattle used as a relOcation home.

Also American tv networks would want into the northwest
Relocation will happen first. Also expanding by two teams, all in east (north-east) will force you to do something ASAP about Winnipeg and two more teams in east. And last news says NHL and NHLPA are not on the same track when it comes to realignment of divisions and associations.

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