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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
No offense buddy, but I'm getting tired of reading stuff like this from people because it is a totally skewed way of looking at Shero's decisions. I am no apologist and I recognize Shero has made some mistakes over the years (what GM doesn't??), but the over-simiplifcation of the mistakes and the conclusions people draw are usually way off.

Let's start with the first one. This has been beaten to death, but when a team is finishing in such a way that they're always drafting in the he last 5 or 6 spots of the first round, those picks rarely produce "sure fire" forward prospects. Everyone from about pick 12 or 15 outward, is almost always a pick involving risk / some downside / some uncertainty.

Yes we've drafted a lot of D and it's pretty clear Shero and his scouts go BPA, which in those slots are often D with big upside, like Despres. It's also obvious (as they've said as much) that part of their strategy of stocking up highly touted D, is to trade them for F talent (see also: James Neal). He may well do that again in the next 30 days here! Would anyone be surprised? No. And if he does it successfully everyone will be happy... right up until the next D he drafts at which point they'll complain again because he didn't pick their "pet forward".

But make no mistake: no forward that we would've drafted in the slots we had available, would've made this team last year or this year and therefore would not have helped this team even though they're good players with upside (see also: Bennett, who isn't far from making the team and IS a very good F talent... but just isn't ready yet after only a season or so of college hockey and a few months in WBS).

The ONLY criticism one can validly make:

1) "Shero should've traded up in the draft two years ago to try to get someone like Tarasenko." That's valid in theory but then who do you trade to get that #14 pick (I think it was 14), and what hole does that leave behind in the immediate aftermath? And oh BTW, he would not have made the team until this year, either. So you traded a current roster asset for someone not on the roster for another 1-2 years. Stuff is not as simple as "Oh, if we'd drafted a Top 12 Forward at some point inthe last two or three years, we'd be a different team right now." No, we ****ing wouldn't be... not much different a team at all most likely.

I know what you're thinking: "What about Pouliot at #8?" Yes, we could've used that pick to draft a forward (in a weak class of forwards once you got past the top 3 or 4 guys). And guess what? He would not make this roster until 2014-2015 earliest. Forsberg... whoever. None of those guys would've been close to making the team this year, or this fall either. The names being mentioned were (if I remember right) undersized kids, inexperienced and all with a fair amount of risk. None of them was close to being a sure thing.

NOW... if Shero does that THIS year (in a class supposedly loaded with good F talent in the first round), I agree 100% it would be an inexcusable mistake if there's a great F talent on the board for us.

BOTTOM LINE: Shero is a very good GM, who has consistently tried to make this team better and give himself the leverage to make good trades and FA acquisitions (via scounting, cap management and the rest). Just because he failed to get the only two assets worth making a big splash for this summer (Parise and Sutter), does not make him a bad GM, either. Like i said the only reason we lost out on both of those is because we're not the Minnesota Penguins.
Agree to disagree. It took Whitney and Goligoski 7 years from the time they were drafted until they had enough value to fetch a respectable winger. So is the plan to trade some of the guys we drafted last year in 2020 when Sid and Geno are in their mid 30's?

And we don't know what we have yet in Bennett. You just assume he will make this team and produce with Crosby. How'd that type of thinking work out for Tangradi who would be a great power foreword to play alongside Sid. I'm sure you though Luca Caputi was the answer. Maybe Chris Bourque? Surely Angelo Espisito who was a steal for this team so late in the first round would work out. Do you see a pattern here? All of these young guys / draft picks have been horrible.

I would be shocked at this point if Bennett amount to anything more than a Dustin Jeffrey type, decent 3rd liner that is beyond replaceable and repetitive.

Good luck waiting until 2020 when Shero will be wheeling and dealing our dmen drafted last year.

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