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01-30-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by geehaad View Post
I've never asked the guy, personally, but I'm guessing that the O is pronounced with an "umlaut" (). If that's true, then neither of the "new" nor "know" sounds would be completely's kind of a cross between the two.

My guess is that he attempted to convey that to John and/or Tripp and they butchered it into NOODLE, and when he caught wind of that, he asked them to just go back to butchering it as KNOWDULL.
I have two theories on that.

1. Exactly as you said above.

2. Someone, not necessarily Nodl himself told Tripp it was Noodle and he then conveyed it to Forslund. I think this might be the case since every time Tripp tries to pronounce something or flex his Russian dialogue Forslund always says we'll have to check on that.

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