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01-30-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by NyRangers2047 View Post
That was my favorite part of college until I started applying for grad school and they told me I need 2 professor references and none of mine remember me whoops
Well, yeah, I wouldn't recommend it for every class. I was just saying, if you want to lay low, especially early on in a new class or if you have bad anxiety, it's super easy. I usually went to my classes, was pretty much anonymous for the first few days unless I had a bunch of bros in the class that would cause ruckus from day one, and then decided which classes I liked enough and felt strongly enough about to join heavily in the discussions in and which classes I was just going to keep my head down and get it over with in. I've gotten a few nice recommendations from past professors and plenty of past professors who also wouldn't remember who I am. I think that's the right mix. I never wanted to be that kid who raised their hand in every class and asked a lot of questions and always participated, or that kid who was such a slacker/ghost that they never made a good impression on any of their professors at all.

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