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01-30-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by ddawg1950 View Post
I'm glad we were able to trade Hodgson, and like you I have watched the Sabres games this year.

I would qualify the "he sucks" comment with "He sucks in the role he is placed in."

Hodgson did relatively well in the sheltered role he was placed in here.

He is misused n Buffalo and the confidence that he has built up is fading very quickly. That seems quite clear to me. half the time he looks confused and behind the play.

You can't put kids in roles they are not suited or ready for...and he is not suited or ready for first line mnutes at this stage in his career.

And this misuse could further compromise his development.
Good comment. I agree completely. So many kids get ruined by being rushed. Unfortunately for Cody, Vancouver would have probably been the better environment to improve in.

I liked Cody on the Canucks, but was happy when they got Kassian on board. As has been said many times, the combination of size and skill is hard to come by.

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