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01-30-2013, 11:18 AM
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Im so tired of the hate subban gets.. my own friends habs fan to tell me to be positif about the canadiens in general (cause they called me crazy for having low expectations) yet with subban they cant stand me defending subban.... they even wont let me explain (cause obviously they didnt get it yet) that subban already accepted a cheap contract and he brings a lot more positives than negatives... nope.. i dont know why but they are convinced subban is the reincarnation of satan himself... for Christ sake... they wont even aknoledge subban on ice performance.. saying subban a brought nothing to the ice outside negatives... saying 37 et 36 pts is not elite (dont even know how they come up with that)... and not even leading the habs.. in +/-.... like he was payed like an elite player ready... -

Okay he can be a player that can be hated... because he tried to impose himself too fast...? Cause he already has a deal with Nike? Cause he seeks exposure? For me its just jalousy... if he can do his stuff and follow the directives on the ice that all we want.. if players still givin him hard time then they are problems themself... Subban reputation as become such a big deal its like apocalypse in a glass of water.....

Sick and tired of that i really hope subban keeps a low profile, in the room and on the ice, just stay focus... so people can leave him alone and eventually almost worship him...

This city as big issues.. media is the main reason why... they are bipolar as much if not more than the fans.

For me its always been about
Either we keep him and do all we can to reach full potential (limitless) or
Take a chance to see him blossom elsewhere and we all know all prospect with hype performed better elsewhere..

Its a non brainer for me... now shutup and give him a chance.

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