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01-30-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Agalloch View Post
If they go with their 4 conferences of 8 teams. I could see a season of 76 games but with an extra round in the playoffs.

4 x against own conference (7 teams)= 28 games
2 x the rest of teams (24 teams) = 48 games
76 games

Playoffs could go like this:

All within the same conference
Qualification Round:

seed 4 vs seed 5 (best of 5)

Round 1
Seed 1 vs winner of 4-5 (best of 7)
2 vs 3 (best of 7)

Round 2

The two teams together in a best of 7

All teams remaining
Round 3

Best remaining against the last in points standing

Stanley Cup Final

The 2 teams remaining

So 20 teams out of 32 makes the playoffs. More playoffs money and more meaningful games in the season.
Yes, by all means, let them make the Regular Season more meaningless, allow more teams to make the Playoffs and have a "Qualification Round". Isn't the Regular Season enough to decide which teams qualify for the Playoffs? And isn't half the League making the Playoffs already enough teams?

Keep expanding the Playoffs and the number of teams making the Playoffs, and soon many fans will tune in only to watch the Playoffs, reducing even further again the meaning and value $ of the Regular Season.

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