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Originally Posted by bhay1987 View Post
Don't let it get you down bro, HF is a nasty place. Believe me though if you stick around and take the heat initially for what you say, and still stick around you'll know a lot more about hockey that watching TSN could ever give you.

That said i completely disagree with the OP[mod]
merely pointing out that the first two posts from this account were pretty blatant "OMG the team lost, ship out X Y and Z" posts. Or at least i've been jaded into percieving them as such.

Wellwood is what he is. I'm not a huge fan and he hasn't been lights out, but any call for trading/dropping a player within the first five games when he hasn't been absolutely terrible (as one Mr. Clitsome may be characterized) is hard to take seriously.

Wellwood's been Wellwood, and he's looked a little shaky, but he's hardly whats costing us games nor the sole reason for 10 shots in 2 periods, there's a lot more then welly that needs to be called out for that kind of play.

Which the OP has now done, and i appreciate, but the introductory post was a little lacking in constructive criticism and a little heavy on "sky is falling".

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