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01-30-2013, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post
Technicalities.. doesn't matter who is he off to a good start with, the fact is that he is off to a better start than the guy he was traded for, but that really doesn't matter to me.

We can evaluate all the little details of Sherman's trades all we want, but the bottom line is this team can't make the playoffs, to me Sherman isn't doing his job period.

When listening to Avs interviews from management to players, they sound so full of themselves and very cocky. They make promises that they are going to be better, stronger, making the playoffs etc.. yet they seem to be worse every year.

After one win they make it sound like this team is the best team in the league, they talk about how they can win every game, then they go on losing the next few games where they don't even look like an AHL team.

When will Sherman realize this team needs some good d-men, when will he realize this team needs a better coach? who knows, maybe he realizes but his hands are tied and not much he can do about it, or maybe he's just not a good GM.
It isn't a technicality when there was NO chance that we were going to resign Winnik. Also, we all know what Winnik is. He is a very good 3rd line winger who can kill penalties and has hands of stone. He is a 10-12g 15-18a sort of player. A hot streak can happen for any player. Hell, Sam Gagner scored 17% of his points in one game (23% in 2) last season, that doesn't make him Gretzky because he tied his record.

We all agree that this team needs to make a push for the playoffs, but when you lose 3 players out of your top 6/9 you are going to have a difficult time winning hockey games. Only 1 of those 3 is the fault of management, and that isn't 100% their fault.

The biggest issue on this team is defensemen, and there has been an effort to improve that area (EJ trade, Hejda signing). They just haven't panned out to what we all expect at the moment. When EJ finds his consistency, he will be great. Beyond that something needs to be done about the defense, and I'm sure by the end of the season we will be trading somebody for an upgrade at that position.

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