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01-30-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Also the new mayor is not some radical. He isn't going to make some public spectacle of "killing" this deal. He's going to maintain throughout that he's willing to negotiate a sensible deal and if/when the team skips town, he'll maintain emphatically that the NHL/Jamison were never really willing to negotiate with the new council in good faith and had no interest in anything beyond demanding three hundred plus million bucks. He'll take the stance of a man unwilling to negotiate with terrorists or to pay ransom without proof of life. Defending COG from evil big business salivating over public funding. A true hero, who would've done anything to keep the hockey team. Anything short of bankrupting the city. Of course, we'll know that it's 50-95% B.S. (depending on where your feelings about relocation lay).

Similarly, JIG/NHL will maintain that they did their absolute best but the new council/mayor were completely unwilling to honor what had been agreed on previously and unwilling to work within a framework of a deal even in that same stratosphere. That THEY failed to negotiate in good faith, and made their position clear. The NHL/JIG will maintain that they had done everything humanly possible but the COG was unwilling to work it out. Of course we will all know this is 50-95% B.S. (depending on where your feelings lay on NHL hockey in Glendale).

One of two things is happening this week:

1. Greg Jamison is finally buying the Coyotes
2. Both sides are setting the table for the FINAL finger pointing session
The above is 100% correct. I would imagine that the NHL would have preferred a "later deadline".

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