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06-30-2006, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by waffledave
Yeah, but there's more to it than that. Realistically, what do you think Souray would get on the market? The guy only has one year left on his contract, so that has to be taken into consideration. He's also injury prone and has the occasional brain cramp. He would get us...A draft pick? Maybe a mid-level prospect. Certainly not a roster player anywhere near as good as him.

And if he leaves, who takes over his leadership position? Koivu is the captain and the face of the franchise, but Souray and Rivet are the guys who rile up the troops. They are the guys who lead by giving the speeches and stuff. Ever notice at the end of every single game, Souray and Rivet stand by the bench and give each player props and a few extra words to the guys who played extra well? Then they do their little secret handshake thing where they tap each other's forehead. This kinda stuff is important to the lockerroom...It's tradition and it hurts the team bigtime when you lose guys like this.

Think of when we lost Quintal. Maybe he wasn't the best player, but trust me when I say the guys missed him in the lockers.
I'm sure that you would be surprised to see what Sourray could land us in a trade. His value if most likely pretty high...thanks to his shot! From what Brunet had to say, I would trade Sourray this summer and get someone else to replace him...I don't want to lose him for nothing!

Also, even if we trade Sourray, the leadership of the team would still be quite good. Maybe a guy like Komisarek can step up for the team...he's starting to be real good and he's a leader...

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