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01-30-2013, 11:55 AM
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The Cave - 7.5/10

I wanted to like the game, I do love puzzle/platformers and I was excited to play my first Double Fine game. However, you spend more time back tracking than solving puzzles. It's a game that tests your patience in all the wrong ways I think. Some of the puzzles were definitely tough to figure out but some had the strangest solutions that I've ever seen and it made me hate the game. Not because I couldn't figure it out but because all I could think of was flashbacks from playing strange NES games where you just have to know that's how you beat a level because you're not just going to stumble across it. I did, admittedly, use a FAQ for some parts of it and that's the only reason I finished it. Also, the controls felt really strange at times. It's a game that plays like it only needs a keyboard but you'll have to use the mouse occasionally. Jumping just always felt off to me as well. I did enjoy the humor behind it though, that was my favorite part. It is a pretty fun game but was a disappointment for me, you may want to wait until it goes on sale.

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