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01-30-2013, 01:18 PM
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For those interested, the locals down here are taking a wait and see approach until the close of business Thursday. Even hardcore fans have just gotten tired of the mess. Casual or fring fans have written this team off until something resolves with ownership. Assuming this doesn't close by tomorrow, I think that all but the most delusional fans will agree that the plug is going to be pulled this year. I do not expect it to be pretty unless the Coyotes get on a roll like last year. Final attendance numbers could fall below 10,000.

It really is tough on the organization to labor under this cloud for so long. Hockey just isn't a tier 1 sport in the Valley, and those that may be interested in becoming fans are really put off by the uncertainty. That is why the team can sell out for playoffs, but fall back down to earth with games that have an attendance of 8,500.

For those of you out of town that don't believe the ownership uncertainty should have any significant effect on the attendance, I can see your point. In Canada, the fans would rally in support of the team. But down here the fact is I do think it is the main reason why attendance is lagging even after a Western Conference Finals appearance. If GJ had closed over the summer, even with the lockout, I wouldn't be surprised if the STH base had increase by another 2,500, and most of these games would be at or around 90% capacity.

QC, you may have cause to party in the streets (if its not too cold) starting Feb. 1st.


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