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01-30-2013, 12:19 PM
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haha scraps? Insulting?

Anyone talking about how "terrible" the value is, doesn't know what they're talking about.

Gallagher, while a 5th round pick, is a stud. If he wasn't so short, he would have gone MUCH higher in the draft. He tore up the WHL, and was leading the Bulldogs as a rookie. Then he makes the habs, and is a point a game so far, and one of the leaders in hits.

Beaulieu is a former first rounder, who is looking good, and will be on the habs soon.

So, essentially:

2 first round picks and top prospect for 1.5 years of an overpaid (not this year, but he hasn't been a 7+ million dollar man the last 3 years) Vanek.

Look at what other rental players like Hossa and Kovalchuk made with a year left in their deals, and you'll get a BALLPARK for what Buffalo would be looking for.

Besides the 1st rounders, the prospects didn't really pan out.

I'm not saying that Buffalo would take this trade, but I don't think Montreal would even consider it. The salary is CRAZY lopsided, and giving up soooo many future assests for 1.5 years of Vanek... not exactly rebuiding

The people who are saying it's "a first and scraps" are completely clueless, and anyone who knows ALL of the players involved in the proposal, are laughing at you.

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