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Originally Posted by optimuspaul View Post
Yes Fil had 5 points in 3 games but how many of those points were served up a silver platter because of Pav's play? Not to take anything away from Fil, but you can put just about anybody on Pav's wing last night and 9/10 they'll come away with 2 goals. That being said I would still like to see Fil with Pav, but I think Mule fits better with Z.

Also you forgot the 2nd reason of putting Fil on the 2nd line being that it gives Z some defensive aid. That line was abused against the Hawks when they had their legs, and I'm willing to bet that the same thing will happen against St Louis.

BTW I think a line with Stamkos and Pav would produce more points and look a helluva lot better than a line with Thornton and Pav (2 guys who both need the puck on their stick to be their best)
Completely disagree with the idea that you can plug anyone on Datsyuk's line and expect the same. The reason Filppula and Bertuzzi have had goals placed on a platter for them was because Datsyuk was able to attack the offensive zone. Almost all 4 of their goals came from Datsyuk being able to smoothly enter the offensive zone with speed and space. That's the most important part of his linemates. Making yourself available once he has possession in the offensive zone should be the easy part, but getting him the puck in good areas of the ice is the key. At the end of last season Franzen was absolutely terrible at getting Datsyuk the puck in these areas. He'd enter the offensive zone and turn it over. Fil and Bert have both made plays to find Pav in these situations. They understand how to play with him. As simple as it seems a lot of players just don't have that ability. Filppula in particular is key here because he also has the ability to attack the o-zone which opens up space for Datsyuk.

Z's line got abused when he had Hossa on it for a short time in 08-09. Babcock can help by matching lines more effectively at times.

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