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01-30-2013, 12:27 PM
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Ryder. Put him back with Eriksson and Benn we ain't got time for chemistry finding right now.

Goligoski needs an RD partner yesterday. A big mobile RD partner named Keith Ballard. You will all yell at me if I suggest Larsen for Ballard. Since we can't move Goligoski (in a perfect world we do), or Robidas, we move Larsen for help now. The pipe is loaded with bigger just as talented dudes.


Is it a coaching issue? A chemistry issue? It's a big issue because we have to keep a forward back to backcheck because the defense can't seem to defend, and the forwards can't seem to possess the puck. It's a vicious circle of failure.


@ BigG: We ain't got time this year to find chemistry automagically out of nothing. Put Ryder back with Eriksson and Benn for 3 weeks while Jagr has time to practice and teach Benn.

And if there's one player who deserves an amnesty buyout it's Goligoski. I can't stomach another year of Robidas playing 24 a night. I can't stomach another year of the moody and tumultuous lockerroom goings on. I don't know if I can watch Daley play super one night, then have six brainfarts and put pucks in our own net again. Or Jordie Benn getting picked and being victimized because he's just not that good.

Again, D (and coaching of our D) needs to step up or step out.

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