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01-30-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by howlinhockey View Post
Im gonna go out on a limb and guess a majority of you in here would like to see the Coyotes deal fall through and they move to Quebec City? I see Seattle getting the next franchise as they have NBA to co-occupy their facility. What do you have....Curling? LOL

Look I love the passion but to hope and pray for a franchise this way is bad karma. We do have very loyal fans. BUT until ownership is cemented you will see sellout or close on weekends and big games then 10k the mid week games. So to get from an avg of 13k to sellout at 17,125 you need season holders. MANY are waiting on Jamison to make the investment. DEAL will bring more sponsorship and season holders. Suites and ends of ice are the major area for concern. They dont seem priced correctly. You can sit on the blue line for the same price as behind the goal 20 rows. Makes no sense.
Originally Posted by howlinhockey View Post
LOL awesome!! BTW Bettman flying out at noon tomorrow to PHX Sky Harbor and will be at the game. Also Greg Jamison and his crew met at Ice Den with coach Dave Tippett and Maloney. They will all be in the Owner's suite tomorrow. Announcement during the Oilers game. So sorry a bowling or curling facility.
You seem to have something against curling. Embrace the sport. Can you think of another sport where you can smoke a cigarette, drink a rum & coke, and still play?

Yes, curling is our country's shame, we know it. But hey, at least it isn't noodling.

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