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01-30-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
Totally understand your logic and opinions. You and I have seen both sides, loads of players who underwhelm in the AHL are able to play more consistently at the higher levels, guys who light up the AHL can't buy an assist in the NHL.

For me, this isn't about point production as Caron isn't that, but I will take his style of game, on this team in this system over Bourque right now. I don't dislike Bourque, I just see him as being a strange fit on a line that requires an element he can't bring.

Biggest issue I see with the 3rd is sustained pressure, which often comes with bodies working the boards, that's where I see Caron being a better fit.....may not be the popular fit here but I won't be one bit shocked if he's given the chance to nudge Bourque out when he gets healthy
To be fair, I believe the instances where players perform better in the AHL than they do in the NHL are far greater in number than the reverse.

But you're right. That presence seems right now what we need on the third line. If somehow Bourque and Pevs (or whatever combination you choose) could gel a bit, they might be able to use their craftiness to forge a decent tertiary attack. But I think it's more likely that a body to clear space has a better chance of being effective.

I'd just rather try Tardif at this point, than Caron. It's more... To me it's more of a matter of principle. Tardif is doing his best to earn a shot - he should get it. At least before Caron does.

The ideal solution in all likelyhood however, is outside of the organization.

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