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01-30-2013, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by trufleshufle13 View Post
i saw someone earlier say Salvador isn't playing well and actually hinted at Larsson taking his spot. i don't feel like going back to find and quote, but any one who agrees with this needs to watch the game closer.

He may not be flashy or deep in on the rush ever. but any time i got that gut feeling we were about to get scored on in any of these first few games (i know you all know that feel) it seemed Salvador would end up with the puck some how and defuse the situation.

countless rebounds and fights behind the net where you couldn't even tell where the puck was it seemed he was always the one to save the day. but he did it so simply and confidently that it went unnoticed almost every time.

i always thought it was a locker room reason he was chosen to have the C but after actually paying closer attention to him in the defensive zone i can see it was way more then that.

i know the majority out there doesn't think hes bad at all and see him as the amazing defensive player he is, but i know some people bashed him in last nights game even though he saved NJs ass more times then i could keep up with.

if someone could clarify , other then lack of offense, why salvador could be considered on the **** list, please enlighten me.
What I really took notice of last night was how Salvador finished out the periods. He was out for the final shifts and took ZERO chance at letting up. He finished each shift as if it were to win the cup and hustled to even the most basic dump in. That is leadership by example and what I want to see carry through to every guy on this team, or at the very least, not give way to complacency. Mistakes may happen as a matter of execution but when your mental state is such as his was - that builds wins.

So to your point, yeah Sal was being a warrior beyond the locker room. But of course, I've always been a big fan of his.


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