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Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post
I think you have to try that when he comes back, and it could very well work.

But it would also mean a Higgins - Burrows - Hansen third line, most likely, and possibly Booth on the 4th line.
Burrows has looked fine at center, and I actually think it utilizes his playmaking better than on the wing when not playing with the Sedins. Also, with Burrows at center AV has his trusted third line center and Hansen has a center who knows his way around the offensive zone(not Malhotra) and knows how to pass(not Lappierre). Higgins has been average at best and a passenger most nights this year so far, and Booth is still injured and when he comes back he won't have played hockey in a long time while everyone else is in mid season form. So that left wing spot isn't exactly set in stone, and Booth starting off on the 4th line isn't a bad thing, come playoff time he may bump Raymond off the 2nd line if he plays up to his potential.

Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
Kesler is a Selke winner (playing center) and the Canucks' best player. Plus, he's a prima-dona. Moving Kesler to wing, would have the same result as Luongo becoming the back-up - "trade me".
He would still play center on the pk obviously and possibly the pp if he wanted. The 2nd unit could be made to revolve around him. Moving to the wing and sitting on the bench are 2 completely different things 1st of all. 2nd it would give Kesler the oppurtunity to play with the Sedins 5 on 5. And really? Kesler needs to get over being a prima dona, this team is MUCH more versatile with Kesler on the wing, and his ego is not a big enough reason(though it's close ) to not at least try it. Also Schroeder is a much more humble kid than Hodgson ever was so that might help in settling Mr.Prima-dona's attitude.

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