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01-30-2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by goyotes View Post
Anyone care to speculate on the fact that two long-time owners of the Sharks just sold their interests today? Could they be following GJ? Could this be something that needed to happen to allow for the GJ group to purchase the Coyotes?

Timing is interesting, if nothing else.....
It's certainly possible, and perhaps he couldn't name them specifically without breaking some variety of rules, but why not say he was waiting for a couple of already-bound investors? SOMETHING would've been better than saying "I have investors, but I can't disclose anything about them." Also, if it is some violation of league by-laws to discuss business opportunities with people that are already part of an ownership group with another team, if there were ever a situation where Bettman et. al. would bend the rules, it'd be this one. It wouldn't surprise if those two were beside Jamison tomorrow afternoon in Glendale, but it may also just be two guys that decided 20+ years is enough time and cash out before Marleau and Thornton retire and make the franchise worth less.

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