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01-30-2013, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Bocephus86 View Post
Beautiful sweeter! As a personal, selfish aside is that 30% discount based on any order to the Bruins pro shop through January or do you have to be STH or something like that? I've been itching to update my gear and I didn't even realize that.
Thanks. The pro shop, as well as the other retail set ups in the Garden, are doing 25% off for non STH's and 30% off for STH's through the end of January.

Originally Posted by smithformeragent View Post
First ever was a hand me down 80's/90's style blank away. I wore the heck out of that jersey. I remember Christmas of 94, my first ever very own jersey was an away Mighty Ducks jersey. First one I bought with my own money was my junior year of high school, Rolston dark.

I own a Lucic alt and Chara WC. I bought my fiance a Chara home a month after she dumped me, in a successful effort to win her back a few years ago haha.

I'd love a Moog home or away as well as a Thomas away.
A Moog would definitely be sweet. You don't se many of them either.

My collection isn't very extensive-

white '72 Orr
black '90 Neely
while '11 Looch with cup patch
WC Looch
white '92 Juneau

Originally Posted by dafoomie View Post
They changed the authentic jerseys recently anyway, started making them overseas with cheaper materials instead of the same thing the players have.
Have they changed them in the last year/18 months? My authentic Looch with the cup patch was purchased online from river city sports and it says it was made in Canada. I got it for something like 50% off. I haven't seen another sale like it since. At least not on authentics jerseys being sold by a reliable retailer.

Originally Posted by Tuukka Time View Post
Kind of defeats the purpose of calling it "authentic", don't you think? That's pretty shady.

Exactly. I guess I'm glad I didn't drop the coin on it.

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