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Originally Posted by DaaaaB's View Post
Orr's washed up? What league are you watching? He's still one of the best fighters in the league. Terrible player but good fighter.

Thornton definitely won't hesitate to fight Scott but I wouldn't be so sure about him chopping him down. Could happen but it's more likely that the fight will end in a draw.
Umm....I think Im watching the same league you are...and yeah, Orr is washed up...

This is the same guy who cleared waivers (no one wanted to touch him with a ten foot pole) and spent extensive time in the minors last year...If he was one of the best at his trade, why would this have been the case?!

Oh let me guess, no one wanted him last year because he was concussed? ...but wait, how could that have happened in the first place..after all he's one of the best fighters in the league...hhmmm strange.

...This guys has been smacked silly by many guys in the league (see Shelley, Engelland, MacIntyre, Parros etc etc) and is one solid right away from exiting the NHL for good....

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