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01-30-2013, 01:10 PM
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Just finished re-watching the game & I've got to say this was our best game yet. Some things I noticed though:

1. 1st goal was on Kronwall, now that he's playing 26 minutes a game he's going to be mentally tired but he has to try to limit his mental lapses. If he corrects this during the season it shouldn't be a problem

2. The only thing holding Howard from moving up to the 2nd tier of top goalies is his rebound control.

3. Top six was great but Datsyuk still doesn't seem to be 100% into game mode, he's firing on all cylinders offensively but defensively he still seems a bit lacking. (Errant passes that get picked off, Dallas goal where he just dumps it into center as an example)

4. Brunner really is impressing me, he seems very coachable and should be a constant force for us all year.

5. Our 4th is great, really gives some live to us when we need it. Also Emmerton has finally started to show his worth, the improvement from last year to now is huge and I'd have no problem with him as the 4th line C going forward.

6. The last point is Cleary is finished. You can tell he's going balls out but he just doesn't have "it" anymore, he can still put in an okay PK shift every now & then, give us an okay 4th line quality shift. But he shouldn't be on the PP or in the top 6 anymore. The only way I see him back next year is on a 1 year 1 million contract to play on the 4th line.

If we play like we did last night the rest of the year we should make the playoffs as the 6th or 7th seed, maybe even the 5th.

PS: Kindl played alright even with his silly penalties, really like how he is using his body & Quincey had one of his better games as well.

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