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01-30-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Oh Thats Nashty View Post
Interesting article by Gross.

A Separated shoulder is completely different from a dislocated shoulder. If you separate your shoulder you damage the ligament that connects your collarbone to your shoulder. Dislocated shoulder means your arm bone is moved from where it sits within the joint.

We should seriously hope it's a separated shoulder rather than a dislocation. A dislocation can cause a host of other issues with blood vessel damage and nerve damage in the joint and almost always means surgery.
I was just going to post this.

The two are a lot different. Separations generally occur when you fall on it or hit it very hard, like in my case when I slid into the backboards at a weird angle at top speed. Disclocations occur when the arm is twisted in a way that pops it out of the shoulder socket - but can happen too if you fall on it at the right angle.

First thing I thought when i saw it was dislocation, because there wasnt a ton of force applied, just the right type of twist and pull at the perfect angle. Really hope its not the most serious type of dislocation which can lead to further dislocations in the future and weakened arm strength.

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