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Local Rules and SHA

Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
Puck talk and Super Bowl.... Excellent points and it is nice to see that others believe in coach retention as a building block for success. I further agree that any centre who has a local player rule should carefully re examine this. If you are taking a mediocre local player over a highly skilled rural player you are making a grave mistake. One, you are selecting with an agenda, two, you are not giving the rural kid a chance. I have experienced this in the past. Centre pride must take a back seat to talent in every case. Your idea of AA centres as more of an SHA zone concept is an excellent idea.
I live in a center that only allows 7 "import" players for Bantam AA. Not only that local players have the huge benefit of "local politics" because the Bantam AA coaches have histories with the players having previously coached them. Its a double wammy effect.

We all know that it is impossible to totally eliminate the politics in hockey but Hockey Canada has a Skills Standards and Testing Program. Please SHA, get involved in helping centers setup a standard tryout testing package that will help coaches to evaluate players in an unbiased way. Also SHA needs to encourage all centers to have their area adopt a policy of allowing wide open tryouts so that every SK kid has equal opportunity to play Bantanm AA hockey no matter where they live.

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