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Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
1) Malkin is signed for next year, so using your theory, the Pens could just make him extremely happy next year.

2) Winning is the best way to make Malkin - and everyone else - happy. You really think moving Kunitz to Malkin's line is going to change the outcome of last night's game, the Jets game, or the Leafs game?

3) I'm sorry, but I just can't agree with your line of thought. It makes no logical sense to me. You create balance, you put together the best lines with what you have, and you try to win. You don't give one player or the other all the skill.

edit: I'm starting to reply at a KIRK-like pace. I need help.
1) Something is gonna happen with malkin this upcoming summer just like staal hes not gonna gonna end up a ufa with the pens. If malkin doesent sign with us this summer its obvious he dont want to be here just like staal so this year might not technically be his last year but it kinda is.

2) I know kunitz has played terrible this year but i dunno how u can say if he was back with geno it def wouldnt work. I do think it could of made a difference in the jets game.

3) I think if there able to sign gino this summer that means 8 years of Stanley cup contenders 8 years of sellouts 8 years of high tv ratings and 8 years of being one of the marquee teams in the league. As a owner of a team or a Gm of a team I think u do everything u need to make that happen. And as a fan of the team I hope they do everything to make sure that happens.

I understand your point but i guess we will just agree to disagree.

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