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Originally Posted by howlinhockey View Post
I believe and DONT QUOTE me that Jamison was keeping everything close to his vest for various reasons.
Try and get NHL to lower price tag some, grab as many investors as possible without scaring any off, and also to protect the investors who sold shares of the Sharks in case they had doubts or something went awry. Lastly to not give any GWI or other Canadian funded lobby time to work their witchery. Yes you Darcy Olson you merc.
I won't quote you on it, and I'm not saying Jamison doesn't have his reasons to keep quiet on who's part of the team, but...

-On the NHL asking price: it's been well-established that $170 million means $170 million from them. They had ample opportunity over the last 3 years to lower the price, and haven't. Jamison pressuring them with a tactic like this would've just landed the team in Quebec months ago.

-On getting more investors: why would seeing more knowledgeable hockey people in the group scare anyone away? If I have millions of dollars sitting around, and I hear a group wants me to invest in the Coyotes, seeing the bulk of the ownership that led to the San Jose Sharks being one of the top teams in the NHL is actually going to open my checkbook quicker. Hearing there are other investors but he can't name names is likely to make me think I'm being scammed.

-On protecting investors from the Sharks group: again, say SOMETHING. Even if it's as basic as "they are currently involved with another NHL franchise and must purge their interests there before being named" is better than no information at all. It doesn't name them specifically, and if it went south, they could just as easily stay with the Sharks without having ever been truly linked to the deal.

-On the conspiracy theory angles: Look, we've had a couple of shining moments where you didn't come off as a loon. You disagree with Darcy Olson, and for the most part, so do I. However, Olson and the GWI were not lying in wait to attack this deal based on who owns the team. They're going after the council for giving away money they don't truly have for a sports team that may or may not bring in tax revenues to offset the cost. And certainly, the only Canadian "witchery" coming for the Coyotes is a man that wants to bring an anchor tenant to his city's new arena, which he's invested heavily into through a two-tiered naming rights agreement. You have issues with Canada, that much is clear. However, the entire of the population, from St. John's to Dawson City, is not plotting to bring the NHL completely north of the border. There is an understanding that lots of the league's teams are stronger in the US than they would be in Canada. They just don't want to see a team struggle when one or two cities there could do better. If the Cardinals were in Vancouver and playing to 20,000 at BC Place every night while UofP stadium was being built, I'm sure you'd feel like that team should come to Glendale. As an American with a Canadian wife that doesn't care one way or the other for the NHL and a 4-month-old Canadian-American daughter, I'll say this once: there are plenty of scapegoats for this team in the US. Don't use baseless attacks on Canada in general to make the point that the Coyotes should stay.

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