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Originally Posted by Alflives View Post
I agree with you. However, Kesler is most likely a '*****' to play against. He can be more involved (on the defensive end) playing center. Although Schroeder appears to be a solid defender, he does not have the same 'edge' that Kesler has. Kesler is just far too valuable playing at center, especially in his own end. Kesler makes the other teams best centers go nuts. It's part of what makes him a special player. This 'edge' is not part of Schroeder's game. Although I do like Schroeder's game, it would be so much better if he played a bit nastier.
This is very true, and most times the top player is the opposing teams #1 center but what if the best forward on the other team is a winger, or they have a defencemen like Campbell, Keith, or Doughty? Couldn't Kesler's defensive presence be utilzed there? And whose to say that Kesler couldn't still be the defensive end of the puck center while Schroeder took on offensive responbilities of the center position for the line.

As much as Kesler's game is suited for center, defensively, do you even want him taking that abuse game in and game out? Why not save him for playoffs when we're up by a goal, instead of using him during the season so he's injured for playoffs again and having to send out a untested Schroder instead.

It's good to have options, its good to be veratile from line to line and within a line. Detriot I find has always been a good model for this, they seem to have an infinite amount of line combinations and outside of Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Franzen does not have much seperation in talent from top to bottom. Right now Vancouver's set in stone in terms of our top 6 and bottom 6. We don't have a strong enough seperation between our bottom 3 top 6 players and our top 3 bottom 6 players to do this, which is not a bad thing, I see this as a similiar trait to Detriots forwards of recent years. And as such we need to follow a similiar model where our depth is kept fresh and creative by sometimes keeping a line together but moving the pieces around. Also like detriot, being able to stack that first line when needed is a nice luxury which is made more useful if Kesler were to transition to play wing at times.

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