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Originally Posted by Glacial View Post
Well, it wasn't the Coyotes' decision to build the arena in Glendale, but it was their decision to relocate there. Glendale seemed to fall prey to irrational exhuberance and not realize their geography wasn't suitable for sports that play many games a week (i.e. anything but football). The arena predated the football stadium though. They wanted out of the Suns' arena lease and didn't really look where they were going. On the drive down there, they passed by Admiral Ackbar who was holding a sign saying "It's a trap!".

And Jetsfan88 was right back when the Thrashers were relocated. Everyone had their eyes on the Coyotes as the new Jets (hey, everything old is new again) but they signaled people to look to another team. They seemed to have inside info on the TNSE/Thrasher negotiations, which IIRC caught everyone by surprise except for I think 1 article somewhere that suggested Thrashers -> Jets as a possibility, an article people skoffed at because "surely the Coyotes will be the team relocated to Winnipeg". They seem to have been unusually silent on the Coyotes matter for quite some time.
The first (at least MSM-wise) to talk about Atl to Wpg was Al Strachan on HNIC back in Oct. '09

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