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01-30-2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ScaredStreit View Post
In all fairness if he does something like this next year let's're going to hear the argument that he's never been suspended before for a dirty hit. And there is nothing to suggest that it wasn't malice though. We don't know what his intentions were-and for all we know it could have been a complete dumb mistake. But the fact is he made a stupid check (from behind), wasn't playing the puck, and put Lovejoy into a very dangerous situation. Make no mistake about it-Lovejoy could have easily gotten a concussion (or worse) form te hit. In short: we don't know Mac's intent-but if you look at the facts at what happened he endangered another player's career with an illegal hit. To me that deserves a suspension. Not a 5+ game or anything out of control like that-but a suspension nonetheless.
No, but he would have already had a hearing for the same type of play at that point, so that argument wouldn't be valid the next time it happens. It's moot now anyway as he's been given 2 games. I think it's unwarranted, but if this is the way they're gonna rule on these type of hits this season, that's fine with me as long as they're going to be consistent. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that they won't be...

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