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Originally Posted by gocanes88 View Post
I'm not referring to the win. They have every right to talk about that; it was a beatdown. I'm referring to the academic scandal. I've never seen a group of people so obsessed with something. I wasn't going to say much whether we won or lost because I'd rather not get into a big trollfest (we've done enough of that in the past), but this is exactly the reason why I went from not giving a care about State (and as I mentioned before, actually rooting for them in some cases) to hating them nearly as much as I hate Duke. Speaking of our enemies in Durham... you know what I find interesting about this whole thing? As much as I hate Duke, I haven't heard hardly anything out of them regarding the scandal. Yeah, I'm sure they get a kick out of it, too. But why don't I see them going on and on about it? Why are State fans the only people that I see constantly make references and jokes about the scandal? I mean, can you honestly blame me for the way I feel about State now? I'm tired of it.
It is sad to me that NCSU fans have to be the vocal moral authority in this situation. In an ideal world UNC alums, their administration, the media and the NCAA would have nipped this kind of thing in the bud. By not doing so they only encourage ridicule and continued public fraud and lack of responsibility.

As far as hearing from Duke fans, I rarely hear anything from them period.

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