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01-30-2013, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by RedeyeRocketeer View Post
Got quad box going on game centre tonight, and watched a ton of Detroit's PP. It's unreal how much faster they move the puck around the box than us.

Frankly I have no idea why a player like Milan Lucic is on our power play. He's everything you don't need on a power play unit. Slow, a bad passer, bad in tight spaces, and bad with pressure in his face. I wouldn't hesitate to remove him.
I don't think Looch, or any particular player is the sole problem. I watched a bit of the Wild/BJ game last night and even Colombus' PP looked 100x more creative than the B's ... and Darrel Powe was out there. It's just lack of movement, whether that's by design to play safe as theorized above or otherwise. You'll notice that teams play tighter once in the attacking zone against the B's on the PK because they're able to and it's effective since it's relatively easy to defend.

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