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01-30-2013, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
Exageration, confirmation bias.

Only Karlsson is clearly faster than him (and everybody else). Wiercioch and Methot too but that's because they're much younger. Cowen would but he's not there... He's on par with Gonchar (although being a faster skater) and Benoit

One thing people don't understand is that veteran D-men change their style over the course of their careers. It is due to a lost of mobility but also from gaining experience and try to save energy out there. They are not running over everywhere on the ice anymore and play a more "positional sound" game.

However, in a straight line, Phillips would still beat a lot of NHL players in a race. You'd be very surprised and understand how much all of this is related to some kind of bias.

Again, I don't see that a lot and stats confirms it. He's never among the Sens leaders in give aways (4th last year, 6th this year tied with Methot with only 1 GvA)

No, it's just that it takes him longer to "shake the rust off" than younger players... Phillips has sacrified his body a lot for this team.

From experience, I know that most fans only see things at the surface... The other team scores : who was on the ice? Phillips and Gonchar? ok blame then! It's their fault... when in reality, most of the time, forwards have had a bigger impact in creating a scoring chance for the opposition... NHL is all about time and space. If O'Brien or Smith miss their positionnal assignements = scoring chance for the other team. But I don't expect every fan to see that.
Confirmation bias works both ways; maybe as a Phillips supporter you tend to overlook his mistakes?

Phillips has done a lot of great work for this team, especially back when he was paired with Chara or Volchenkov. His body may have indeed taken a toll, and he's getting old which makes him slower than the other players (I don't see where I exaggerated). That doesn't make his play any better, it's just a possible explanation as to why he's not performing as well as he used to. I love Alfie more than any player in the NHL, but I can see that he's also lost a step. It's ok to criticize an icon, even though it can be painful to hear or admit.

He still has his place on the third pairing, but that's just an indication of our current lack of depth on defense.

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