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01-30-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Kitten Mittons View Post
Well, we're all glad you quit when you did and did not turn into Lindsay Lohan.

I never met another kid in that business that wasn't in therapy or needed to be in therapy. It's awful. Imagine being 8 years old and facing rejection 2-3 times per day (I would go to between 2-5 auditions every single day). Plus, the people rejecting you are not nice either, telling a young child that he's worthless, or useless, or whatever (they would say much, much worse than that too) is just eventually going to effect the kid. As an adult facing that kind of constant criticism is difficult and stressful, how do you expect a child to handle it?

Plus, of course, since I was on tv fairly often everyone at my school knew it and they were not kind about it. Imagine living in east LA, going to an inner city school, being small for your age, and being on tv on a regular basis.

We wonder why child actors turn out so messed up, there is a very good reason. It's actually pretty amazing when they are not a ****ing mess as adults. I've met a lot of famous people and honestly most of them are miserable. Most of them who have been in the business all of their lives simply cannot relate to 'regular' people, or trust them (are they just being my friend because I'm famous?) so they only hang out with other equally screwed up people. It really is the ultimate proof that money does not buy happiness.

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