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01-30-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Lapa View Post
Granlund should be a winger until he's adjusted to NHL properly. They did exactly that in FEL and WC. His first season in FEL when he was a winger resulted in 39 games, 36 points. WC 9 games, 9 points.

Don't see any harm in trying before sending him to AHL.
Just brainstorming here, fellas. Just listing some options to see if anything stands out (as most of you have already come up with)

Zucker-Cullen-Granlund or Zucker- Brodziak-Granlund

Zucker-Cullen-Butch (love the thought of PMB driving down the right side, cutting back and hitting a streaking Zucker). My hopes would be PMB can feed Zucker like he did Rolston. Plus, Zucker has earned a chance at this point. Has been best player all year long in the AHL. All Cullen has to do is get puck to one of those two and not be a defensive liability.

Parise-Koivu-Granlund (not a fan of splitting our top line)
Heatley-Cullen-Seto (wasn't this our first line last year?)

Heatley-Cullen-Granlund or Heatley-Granlund-Butch or Heatley-Granlund-Seto

Not sure. All I know is I think Zucker has earned a shot to play in the top 6.

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