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01-30-2013, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by howlinhockey View Post
One last thing and Im sorry if I didnt answer every hater of American hockey or Arizona hockey but...

Hearing it's stupid to have a few people lose jobs / millionaires. Maybe the dumbest comment of all today. Sure 4 policemen and I believe a librarian will not be able to have FULL TIME work but how can you compare that to all the front office, arena workers, concession, cleaning crew, restaurant workers, etc etc ETC that will be out of work if they leave?
Who's to say that a competent Arena Manager wouldn't facilitate enough bookings to minimize (hopefully sustain) the impact.

Originally Posted by howlinhockey View Post
Losing a major sport would cripple Glendale.
Apparently having one does too.

Originally Posted by howlinhockey View Post
Also Glendale will get a % of naming rights and if Jamison and his group want to purchase the Arena they will recoup the $180 million spent to build the arena. #1 is to secure ownership. #2 is to recapture STH and sponsors lost to Moyes and his lunacy. #3 is to get Glendale turning a profit again.
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Originally Posted by goyotes View Post
Ellman never developed it as a true mixed use complex. There is very little office, and hardly any residential to support the retail. Even with the Coyotes, that development has major issues which I think leads to the opinion it will fail if the Coyotes leave because it is tettering on the brink already.
Ellman had a case of "Eyes bigger than the stomach" with this whole thing. Too much, too soon and the timing was unfortunate you could say.

Speaking of Ellman, I just remembered that I read an article some time ago that one of the reasons why Scottsdale City Council balked at Ellman's plan was there was an intent clause that he was going to flip it in 2013? I'll do my best later to recall where I read it an post it accordingly.

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