Thread: Speculation: Time to re-up Nasty Nate?
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01-30-2013, 02:00 PM
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this will be tough. Rask is top priority in my mind - unless some other goalie in our system (Svedberg) really pushes to compete or TT comes back one a 1 year, short dollar deal (hey, it could happen!)

Horton is numero two on my list

PC will have to have to rob Peter to pay Paul at least in the short term, the cap will go back up again.

W/ Savvy on LTIR we might have 11 million for Rask, Horton, Ference - and we'll need to squeeze some cash from somewhere.

If the goal is keeping the top 6 intact and signing Rask, then it is doable but not without cost. To me, I look at Kelly, Pevs, Boychuck and/or letting Ference walk. None of those decisions for PC will be popular.

The next questions: what assets in the minors are ready for full-time NHL duty? Can the replace or at least be a stop-gap for departing players?

I'm not at optimistic as others but I have been dead wrong lately (read Hamilton).

Just for a little perspective 2013 upcoming FA's:

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