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Originally Posted by taylord22 View Post
Honestly, with respects to Dan Boyle and Sharks fans, he's quickly approaching. I can't argue with the bolded if we're also assuming that Shattenkirk would then lose his ability to make an outlet pass. That's what makes him so dangerous defensively. He's crafty and physical enough that he can push you off the puck long enough to send the puck the other way...he's a counterstrike defender that's nasty to play against 1 on 1, where as I see EJ as a much more dominant zone/space defender.

I'm not saying that EJ isn't punishing 1-1, but he's not going to consistently separate a David Backes, Dustin Brown, Joe Thornton, Cory Perry, TJ Oshie, Ryan Clowe, etc... off of the puck, whereas Shattenkirk's game is all about positioning/matching a player stride for stride until the opportunity to pin and/or swipe appears.

There's an isolation video out there in Youtube land with Shatty vs. Malkin when Malkin was on a tear...I think you would be impressed, and see exactly what I'm talking about. His 1-1 coverage is akin to a rabid animal.

Again, EJ is the better defender and I can't argue with your scenario, but don't be surprised if Shattenkirk is the one playing on Suter's right come Olympic time...Shattenkirk's hockey IQ permeates to both sides of the puck.
*shrug* EJ's done it when he's been healthy for us so why would he suddenly stop? He's been amazing taking the puck away from even great players one on one. He's done absolutely everything you could ask from a defensemen who's regularly cleaning up for everybody else. Add how bad our team is at holding possession of the puck in the offensive zone and EJ has no choice but to be constantly thinking about his defensive responsibilities.

Only things I want to see from him is to learn how to create room for his shot more since he's not going to be getting set up very well, and to get mad more often, when he plays mad he gets involved all over the ice and just beasts, and when he's doing that he has the speed and instincts to get back when the puck starts going the other way.

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