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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
Actually, I have. I'll probably be there again in March when I go to Scottsdale to watch a few Giants game. I generally try to grab a Coyotes game on that annual trip.

For the Mordor on Earth angle, the numbers simply don't support it at all: Colston Post

I understand that "Westgate will fail without the Coytoes" is the easiest rhetoric to generate in this saga but there's really no substantial evidence to support it. Conversely, there's a mountain of evidence to show that the JIG lease is about the worst fiscal decision the city can make.

Also, the idea that a Super Bowl Host Committee bid is contingent upon the arena status is just profoundly ignorant. It shows absolutely zero comprehension for how Super Bowl bids are made and awarded. But I like hearing how it's "been quietly used to bring a lot of people into line."
Thanks CF. I know you are aware of the situation down here and have actually been in the area. I'm sure Westgate will find tenants to replace the ones that will walk or go out of business. many tattoos do you really need and how many watches does someone have to pawn. I guess we will see if Westgate becomes another Christown mall.

Thanks for the insight on the former Shark owners. Doesn't sound related to any GJ group, but I thought the timing was interesting.

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