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01-30-2013, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Kitten Mittons View Post
Yeah dude I'm in my 20s and my ego still can't deal with rejections. If I had to deal with that as a kid? I don't think I'd survive.

I still remember when some piano teacher told me at the age of 6 and my mom that I have no ear and won't be able to learn the piano. I didn't want to anyway but the hurt stayed with me to this day. But I proved that ***** wrong though. I have a voice of an angel and learning the piano on my own right now. lol

I'm guessing your parents pushed you into it? Were you an adorable kid or something?
Yes and no, it was my idea when i saw a commercial for a casting agency, but after that yes. I was an incredibly cute little kid and got a lot of parts early on just for that reason. When I turned into an awkward teenager the parts mostly dried up. My son is cuter than I ever was, and my wife actually tried to talk me into taking him to an agency and I told her not a chance in hell.

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