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Originally Posted by JonathanHuberdoh View Post
This team lacks offense. A TON of it. Even last year we struggled to score 3 goals a game, does no one remember this?

This team is a joke if they think they can solve offensive woes that have lasted here for over a decade through just the draft. We need to make trades and acquire players that are proven NHL scorers.

Right now, you bring a kid in and he will learn NOTHING because there is no one on this team that can score over 60 points in a season. There's no one to learn from in terms of offensive game.

For so long I've been starved for offence on this team. Every single year I beg and I plead, please get us some goal scorers. Get us a TRUE SNIPER. But the every year it's the same old crap. We struggle to score because we ice a roster of 90% grinders.

Drafting Mackinnon does almost nothing for this team because he won't be an impact player with us if he comes to the NHL and has to play with the ELITE TALENT of Shawn Matthias and Jack Skille.

EDIT-And for the inevitable folks who reply and say "and how do you expect to make those trades". Well I expect to make them with our prospects/roster players. We have built this mass of good prospects. What good teams do is trade some of those prospects. They're chips that can be used to acquire proven NHL talent. Look at what the Blue Jays did in baseball this off-season. Built up a ton of prospects and traded a few for proven talent. I know we won't emulate the Jays it's just an example.

We need to trade some prospects, that's the bottom line. If we continuously wait for guys to develop, we will never be a great team.
I love how people forget Tallon has brought in proven scorers though both via trade and signing. He traded for Kris Versteeg (2 draft picks) and signed both Fleischmann & Mueller. All 3 of those guys are capable of putting up 50-60 pts per season and have proven that. We definitely need more than those 3 guys (and Weiss to return to 50+ pt form) but just pointing out that we do have a few proven scorers.

I think what you're trying to say is you want an elite forward which is extremely difficult to acquire via trade. Lets take Rick Nash as an example since he was just traded. He really only wanted to go to the Rangers to start with so you have to get out that part (stigma of a player coming here over other teams). Then it would require trading our 1st, one of our top 3 prospects, and then 2 roster players who could produce 40 pts/yr with have good size & can play 2-way hockey. We dont even have 2 guys right now that could produce at that rate that are comparable to Anisimov or Dubinsky. Dont think I'd want to lose our 1st round pick right now either. It will never require just prospects to get the player you want...its gonna require roster players, draft picks and prospects and some of the pieces that other teams want, we just dont have, plain & simple, or we wouldnt need to be acquiring a player.

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